The Hanlon Financial System Centers at Stevens Institute of Technology are state-of-the-art financial technology and teaching centers that create a dynamic connection between financial theories and real world practices. The first Hanlon Financial System Lab is established by Stevens Trustee and Alumnus, Sean Hanlon. After seeing the incredible value that the HFSL has provided for students and faculty members, Stevens decided to expand this facility and establish one more lab with the same structure. Hanlon Financial Systems Lab integrates the latest hardware and software technologies, accessing real-time data and historical data, supporting innovative research into the most common and urgent problems in contemporary finance.


Hanlon Lab 2 is located on the Ground floor at Babbio Center


All Stevens' students and faculties are able to use the labs from Monday to Friday 9:00am-9:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm during the academic semesters. At least one lab assistant will be available during this time to help all students and faculties with facilities and possible questions. During the academic year, some classes are held in this lab. In order to see the schedule of these classes or open hours of the lab, please check Hanlon Lab II Calendar page.


  1. All faculties/students are required to use their own Stevens Campus Domain Account in order to use any computer available in the lab.
  2. If you need to use the lab any time except the provided schedule above, a Stevens faulty/Student ID is required for entrance into the both labs. In order to activate your IDs, you need to contact Dr. Bozdog. His office is located in Babbio center, 429A.
  3. Although students are sometimes required to work in groups for some class projects and need to talk among themselves, this must be done in a controlled manner. In this case, enforcing the quiet policy in the lab still needs to be done.
  4. If you need to use the lab during a class in which you are not enrolled, you need to talk to the Instructor and ask for his/her permission before the class started.
  5. Listening to any type of audio, without headphones, in the lab is strictly prohibited.
  6. No food or drinks are permitted in the lab at any time.
  7. All cellphone are to be turned to quiet mode while in the lab.


The following resources are available in the lab:

• HP Workstations x33

• Bloomberg Terminal x12

• Projectors x3

• Smartboard (collaborative projector) x1

• Video Conferencing capability

Software and Databases

Software below are licensed and installed in every workstations, and all students and faculties of Stevens Institute of Technology are welcome to utilize the resources.

• Bloomberg (Bloomberg Terminal Workstations only)

• Jupyter

• Mathematica

• Matlab

• ONETick

• RStudio


• Spyder

• Tableau

• Thinkorswim

• Thomson Reuters Tick History (By request)

• Thomson Reuters News Analytics (By request)

• Visual Studio

• VMWare

How to use the computers?

Please go to pages below for more information

How to use the Bloomberg Terminal?

Please go to pages below for more information

How to Make a Reservation Request for Class?

Faculty are able to reserve the lab for courses or course activities. In this case, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Reserve the regular classroom through Stevens registrar as usual
  2. Figure out which dates are needed for the lab classes
  3. Schedule for Lab II can be found at Hanlon Lab II Calendar.
  4. Communicate these dates with HFSL Staff so we can make the reservation (Please email Dr. Bozdog: dragos.bozdog@stevens.edu)
  5. We will contact the instructor directly if there are any conflicts with the dates provided
  6. Please attach syllabus for courses or flyers for other events.

Have questions?

Contact the Lab Assistants who are always available on the 4th floor of Babbio Center (rear left of Hanlon Lab 1)