HFSC Board Members

Stevens, with the direction of FSC Chairman Sean Hanlon, is currently assembling the founding leadership team for the FSC. The Advisory Board for the FSC will have oversight responsibility for defining and guiding the broad research agendas, advising on design and management of the Lab and organizing the required financial support.

Building on the anchor funding provided by Stevens Trustee Sean Hanlon, the FSC is targeting a \($\)3 million fund to support the full construction and operation of the facility on an ongoing basis. The initial \($\)1 million of this funding will come from founding donors, drawn from the financial industry, who are willing to contribute time and expertise, as well as financial support, towards this goal. Each founding donor will be invited to join the FSC Advisory Board and serve in the following functions:

Founding Donor Operational Role

  • A seat on FSC Advisory Board Complementary
  • Advisory Board members will meet four times per year and work in a strategic and methodical way to build the FSC vision and achieve its objectives
  • Contribute to identifying projects, corporate partnerships and financial resources needed to support FSC operations and initiatives

Founding Donor Financial Commitment

  • Each Founding Donor is expected to contribute a gift. The Stevens FSC intends to raise the cornerstone funding for The Hanlon Financial Systems Laboratory based on up to 20 founding gifts of at least $50,000 each

Founding Donor Benefits

  • Complementary participation for Donor’s organization in all FSC events, including FE Seminar series, Conferences and Courses
  • Privileged access to FSC research results and publications
  • Participation in the Stevens Corporate Alliance Program
  • Custom recruiting support to direct promising Stevens students undergraduate/graduate to match partners recruiting objectives
  • Access to FSC facilities (as well as Babbio Center Atrium) which offer unparalled views of the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan for corporate training, special events and system validation of key technology components (e.g. models, financial software systems)

Board Members