STATA 18 is avaible in the Hanlon Lab I on the 4th floor of Babbio Center. Besides the podium PC, there are 14 workstations in the 1st row and 2nd row with STATA 18 ready. There is no need to request access for current students if you are going to use them in the lab.

If you need to access these workstations remotely, please read the instructions below.

If you are in a STATA related course, there is no need for you to fill the request form. Please remind your course instructor to send us the list of students in advance.

Stevens members can send individual request for STATA through this form. You will need an approval from you advisor if you are a student.

Steps to follow for STATA course students:

1. Ask your instructor to send Hanlon Lab Administrator a list of students.
2. Receive the information of the virtual machine assigned to you from your instructor or the Hanlon Lab.
3. If you are on campus, make sure the computer your are using is connected to the Stevens Net WiFi or campus wired network. If you are off campus, please contact IT department for VPN access.
4. Open "Remote Desktop Connection" client in your computer.
5. Put the information of the virtual machine (hostname or IP address).
6. Use your Stevens account username and password. Then, connect.

If you need to save files from the virtual machines, you can use Google Drive or other cloud storage solutions.

Please log out of the virtual machine when you are not using them.

Please do not power off the virtual machines.

Here is a video of how to connect to a machine though Windows Remote Desktop. Put "CAMPUS\" in front of your Stevens username to specify the domain name.