March 2022 Newsletter

News from the Hanlon Financial Systems Center at Stevens Institute of Technology: Vol. 2, No. 1
Upgrade in Hanlon Lab Technologies
Hope everyone had a joyful and much-deserved Spring break!
Hanlon Lab is also back with exciting new changes.
After more than half a year of waiting, the new 34-inch curved monitors for Hanlon Lab 1 have arrived. It has a camera, microphone, and speakers built-in for video conferencing. To make better use of the nVidia RTX 3070 GPU and the Intel i9-11900 CPU in the new workstations in Hanlon Lab 1, we are installing Ubuntu 20.04 as the secondary operating system. Most of the recent machine learning projects only run on Linux. These Linux machines prepared and tested by Hanlon Lab staff will make it much easier for students to get started with machine learning research or course projects.
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Hanlon Lab - Media Team
Hanlon Lab - Data and Server Team
New Podcast Series - 'Trends with Benefits'
The Hanlon team is excited to announce the new podcast series ‘Trends with Benefits. It aims to cover interviews and information sessions with our in-house faculty and staff members to get their views on the current topics. So be sure to check podcasts on Youtube
Spotlight on SGFA
The Stevens Graduate Finance Association serves as a platform for students from Finance, Financial Engineering and Financial Analytics for learning and networking opportunities wherein students are familiarized with the finance industry beyond the regular curriculum. The society is dedicated to sourcing and designing educational, developmental, and supportive learning opportunities for all students wanting to explore their interests in finance. Through our meetings, industry events and various professional competitions, we facilitate our members to develop professional skills and achieve their career aspirations.

They recently did a ‘Pizza Mingle’ party on 10-Mar-2022 in which the program directors (Dr. Florescu and Dr. Hatzakis) and Program Coordinator (Sequoia Canada) were present to discuss questions, concerns, or comments with the students regarding these programs.
 Upcoming Events

HFSC is proud to announce the Trading competition which will last for 5 days during 04/08 – 05/06
Update on SHIFT system
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