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The main core of the research is carried out by Doctoral candidates in Financial Engineering and affiliated faculty members. Moreover, the students have the opportunity to work on and study cutting edge topics in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. Using the resources provided by the Hanlon Financial Systems Lab, students and faculties in the Department of Financial Engineering are researching on modern topics on the financial markets.
Former Lab Staff
Hanlon Financial Systems Lab former Lab Assistants.
FE 800 Projects
FE 800 Selected Topics in Financial Engineering is designed for Financial Engineering graduate students to solve specific problems. FE 800 is provided each semester since 2012 as the final project course in the Master of Financial Engineering program curriculum. The instructor, collaborating with other faculties and companies, proposes a wide range of topics and problems for students to choose.
The Lab integrates the latest hardware and software technologies, accessing real-time data and historical data, supporting innovative research into the most common and urgent problems in contemporary finance.
Latest news from Hanlon Lab and Stevens Institute of Technology. Stay up-to-date with research happening in the Hanlon Financial Systems along with various on-campus and off-campus news.
Lab Staff
Faculty & Lab Staff.
Joint Projects
Lab staff seize opportunity to collaborate with other faculties in Financial Engineering department, other facilities and labs in Stevens Institute of Technology and companies from the industry. Financial Engineering itself is a multidisciplinary subject and this enables us to both apply our methods to and borrow theories from different fields. Current joint projects include SHiFT project, FE Virtual Lab and Surge project.
2015 Spring
FE800 Selected Projects of the Spring 2015 semester.
2020 Spring
FE800 Selected Projects of the Spring 2020 semester.
HFSC Board Members
HFSC Board Members
This tag gathers all articles dedicated to software relevant to Hanlon lab users.
The Hanlon Lab hosts many events throughout the year.
Hanlon Lab Projects
Hanlon Lab Research Projects.
2018 Fall
FE800 Selected Projects of the Fall 2018 semester.
Lab Facilities.
2016 Spring
FE800 Selected Projects of the Spring 2016 semester.
2019 Fall
FE800 Selected Projects of the Fall 2019 semester.
Hanlon Lab Faculty
2017 Fall
FE800 Selected Projects of the Fall 2017 semester.
2017 Spring
FE800 Selected Projects of the Spring 2017 semester.
2016 Fall
FE800 Selected Projects of the Fall 2016 semester.
2015 Fall
FE800 Selected Projects of the Fall 2015 semester.
FA 800 Projects
FA 800 Selected Topics in Financial Analytics.
2018 Spring
FE800 Selected Projects of the Spring 2018 semester.
Supported Projects
With Hadoop clusters, supercomputers, web servers, Bloomberg terminals, financial databases and other equipments, the Hanlon Financial Systems Lab offer professional technical support to students, faculty and companies.
Option Pricing
FE800 Projects Topic
Hanlon Lab Calendars
Cryptocurrency Modelling
FE800 Projects Topic
Portfolio Management
FE800 Projects Topic
Volatility Modelling
FE800 Projects Topic
Text Mining
FE800 Projects Topic
Algorithmic Trading
FE800 Projects Topic