Dear students and colleagues,

Welcome to a new Fall 2021 semester! After more than a year of online classes we are back on campus and finally able to resume education as it is supposed to be. Our overall graduate enrollment in finance programs increased from last year to the pre-pandemic levels of 2019, while the undergraduate enrollment in finance related disciplines has seen a record high.

I will keep this brief as I want to mention a few accomplishments which I am sure our media team will highlight in the coming months.

First, we have brand new computers in Hanlon 1 on the 4th floor of Babbio Center. These were installed during the first week of classes, with the corresponding monitors scheduled to be installed during the winter break. All workstations are quite powerful, and they each have a nVidia Geforce RTX 3070 for GPU computing. The lab is open 9am to 9pm and with the new lab assistants being hired we shall always have student support starting in October.

Second, Dr. Yang and Dr. Calhoun won a very prestigious award from NSF. The project called CRAFT establishes the first Industry/University Collaboration center in the area of Fintech and Cyber research. We expect many projects to come to our faculty and students from Stevens and RPI collaborating with the partners listed here: CRAFT partners

Third, the new lab data engineer Syed Khadir initiated a series of seminars on the data sources available to our students. We shall post edited recordings of these seminars on the Hanlon lab youtube channel. This is the link to our first seminar and second seminar.

As the content creators I heard always say: do not forget to link and subscribe.

I wish you a great semester!

Ionut Florescu
Director Hanlon Laboratories
Hoboken, September 2021