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News from the Hanlon Financial Systems Center at Stevens Institute of Technology: Vol. 2, No. 3

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Hanlon FSC Newsletter October 2022 

Hope everyone had a great semester so far and a successful midterm week. For the remainder of the fall semester gear yourself for some exciting news- we at Hanlon wanted to share some updates.  

Hanlon Podcast Series – ‘Trends with benefits’

'Trends with benefits' is a podcast series hosted by Hanlon Laboratories in which we reach to professors and finance professionals and get their candid opinions on the latest issues and trends in the financial industry.

-In this first episode, we talk through the basic topics of the stock market, e.g., stock ticker, bear market, bull market, stock portfolio etc.

-We also discuss the resources that Stevens as an university offers to its students to enhance their trading skills.

-Further, we discuss historical databases offered by the Hanlon labs such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Thomson-Reuters and more data.

There are two parts to the first episode-

Episode 1 Part 1 

Episode 1 Part 2

Resume Workshop

On September 16, Stevens School of Business conducted a Career fair for graduate students. This video is from the session dedicated to Financial engineering and Financial analytics students

-Stevens COPA committee shared key tips to students to format their resume to match the ATS standard.

-The 30-minute workshop helped students to design resumes appropriate their application process.

Key takeaways-

In the video the interviewed students expressed their thoughts about the seminar. 

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 Upcoming Events

Series of Seminars in Finance and FE

The departments of Finance and Financial Engineering offer a Seminar Series specially curated for students that addresses a wide range of topics from finance. 

Seminar Schedule


Presenter Name


Nov 1, 2022

Dongxu Li

Endogenous Stock Market Participation and Wealth Accumulation: A Life-Cycle Model Perspective

Nov 8, 2022

Siyuan Ma

Predicting Momentum

For more details visit our Website

Stevens' Center for Research toward Advancing Financial Technologies - CRAFT  will be conducting an Industry Advisory Board Meeting on 3rd and 4th November 2022. The collaborative event is open for researchers interested in the topics.

It brings together some of the most esteemed faculty members of Stevens Institute of Technology to discuss about various research projects.

This event will also provide students with great opportunities to explore in the world of Fintech and interact with experts in the field. 

The Hanlon Lab media team will be present at the event and report back in the next edition of the newsletter.

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