May 2022 Newsletter

News from the Hanlon Financial Systems Center at Stevens Institute of Technology: Vol. 2, No. 2
Upgrade in Hanlon Lab Technologies
Hope everyone had a great final exam and has begun preparing for summer break! Before we depart for summer – we at Hanlon wanted to share some updates.
New Server Installation
A new server is installed as a part of our effort to keep lab facilities up to date. We will use this to provide faster storage for virtual machines that are assigned to faculty, staff, and students. We will also put database servers on this to provide access to financial datasets for students.
New Interview Series – ‘Simply Stevens’
  • The Hanlon team is excited to announce the new interview series ‘Simply Stevens’
  • It aims to cover interviews and information sessions with our in-house faculty and staff members to get their views on the current topics
  • The media team conducted its first interview with Prof. Steve Yang to understand more about CRAFT
  • CRAFT was established in the summer of 2021 by Stevens Institute of Technology and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). CRAFT is the NSF's first industry-university cooperative research center devoted specifically to financial technology and science.
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SHU Event highlights
In this video, we will look at the two accelerated master’s programs offered by Stevens's finance department in collaboration with Seton Hall. The two programs are
  1. Seton Hall BS financial math and Stevens MS financial Engineering
  2. Seton Hall BS financial math and Stevens MS financial analytics.
Both programs contain 3 courses (9 credits) from Seton hall and 7 courses (21 credits) from Stevens. The deadline for the application is April 15 for incoming fall 2022 stevens, but the applications of students are considered on a rolling basis. 

To find more about the courses offered by Finance Department at Stevens, please check the link

To learn more about the CRAFT fintech research center,
Please check the link

For more information, please contact:
Sequoia Canada (Finance Programs Coordinator) –
Marina Tadros (Graduate Admissions Coordinator) –
 Upcoming Events
Graduation Spring 2022:

We are happy to announce our graduation students in the field of Masters of FE/FA/FIN for 2021-2022:

a.    Finance: 38
b.    Financial Analytics: 23
c.    Financial Engineering: 48
Awarded prizes to the following students
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