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News from the Hanlon Financial Systems Center at Stevens Institute of Technology

Hanlon FSC Newsletter October 2023 

Greetings! Hope you had a fantastic summer and are welcoming fall in good health. Hanlon Financial Systems Center continues its dedication to exciting endeavors with a state-of-the-art lab and latest technology advancements. Here is a summary of our summer initiatives and a glimpse of what lies ahead for the upcoming academic year.

Project Automated Market Makers

Hanlon lab upgrades 2023 | New Server | Nvidia H100 GPU | Stevens institute of technology
  • In this video, Professor Zachary Feinstein, Assistant Professor and Director of the Fintech Certificate program at Stevens, delves into one of his remarkable initiatives, the Automated Market Makers.
  • This project, financed by the CRAFT Center at Stevens, under Dr. Feinstein's capable leadership, is running in 2023 and 2024. During the interview, Dr. Feinstein elucidates the distinctions and similarities between decentralized and conventional exchanges, offering valuable insights into the role of market makers and related topics.
  • Click on above video to gain a deeper understanding of his expertise and the project.

Brooklyn Tech Program Summer 2023

  • Research Professor and Director of HFSC Ionut Florescu and Dragos Bozdog, a Teaching Associate Professor and HSFC’s Deputy Director, led a six-week summer program introducing the financial world to high school students, including having the students become certified on the Bloomberg Terminals that are used on Wall Street.
  • The students derived genuine value and enjoyment from the program, which was evident during their captivating project presentations as the program concluded.
  • Click here to read more details about this summer program.

Finance Week @Stevens Summer 2023

  • Under adept supervision of Professor Stefano Bonini, an Associate Professor of Finance, five successful iterations of the program "Finance Week @Stevens" were conducted this year. This is a recurring program initiated in 2016 and has been an ongoing collaboration with numerous European universities.
  • During this program, Professor Dragos Bozdog's captivating lectures imparted profound insights into Bloomberg Terminal, equipping students with enhanced proficiency in navigating the intricacies of the finance sector.
  • Students were able to take advantage of Steven's strategic location near New York City as the program enabled them to make insightful visits to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Bloomberg Headquarters.

HFSC Board Meeting

  • The Advisory Board of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, led by Sean Hanlon, met on September 22, 2023.
  • Executive Director Dr. Calhoun talked about the activities organized by the Center and the impact it had on the culture at Stevens.
  • We will reveal results of many other initiatives in subsequent newsletters.

 Coming Up in the Next Issue

Interviews with Hanlon Lab alumni on their experience and professional endeavors

Leveraging Kaiko and Bloomberg Terminal softwares

Finance Programs Industry Panel

Recently onboarded HFSC assistants and their experience so far

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