Dami Seweje

Dami Seweje, a Student Data Assistant at the HFSL, is from Nigeria and graduated with her Masters degree in Financial Engineering this past December. Obtaining her Bachelors degree in Finance, she wanted to gain more quantitative skills that apply to finance, which is why she chose to pursue Financial Engineering. “My major is very interesting because it’s not just about the quantitative skills required, but it also requires a lot of creative thinking to be able to solve real world financial problems as they arise, which keeps your creative juices flowing.” After completing her GRE and researching different universities, she discovered Stevens and its offerings/location, and decided to apply. “My favorite part about Stevens is probably Hanlon Lab I because of the Bloomberg terminals ― it makes me feel like I’m working at a trading desk.” One of her favorite classes has been Financial Risk Management (FE 535). “I think Professor Majeed did such a great job explaining the financial and quantitative risk concepts while also relating it to the real world."