Bloomberg for education has an introduction on ESG data that allows you to explore ideas around environmental, social, and governance factors. This can help you get started on enhancing your knowledge on ESG which can be found here.

Bloomberg also provides access to their proprietary ESG score and news about ESG. Do access Bloomberg ESG data in terminal, you can use {BI ESG <GO>}. This would give you access to the news and the scores. Below is a screenshot of the ESG Dashboard.

Bloomberg ECG Dashboard 

In the Data Library, students can access the ESG scores by Bloomberg.

1: Macro - It provides current and historical macro drivers for ESG

2: Company - Provides current and historical company level data including op stats, profitability and balance sheet for companies

3: BBG Scores -  It covers the Bloomberg ESG scores for the companies

4: Other Scores - It covers current and historical company level other ESG scores like Baringa Risk, Sustainalytics, Arabesque, IdealRatings, S&P

5: ESG ETFs - It covers ESG ETFs data for companies in the industry

To get access to bloomberg from Stevens, Follow the instructions here.

Index Profile 

S&P Capital IQ

The Capital IQ platform provides ESG Index data at a Macroeconomic level where you can explore ESG index data from a broader spectrum. By simply searching “ESG” on the search bar you can access World ESG data index's from different sources. Furthermore, you can delve into each market by clicking each option and exploring trends in the market.

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