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News from the Hanlon Financial Systems Center at Stevens Institute of Technology

Hanlon FSC Newsletter December 2023 

Hello! Hope you are keeping well and warm as we transition from a vibrant autumn to a brisk winter. At Hanlon Financial Systems Center, our commitment to innovation remains stedfast, with a cutting-edge lab and the latest technological developments. Below, you will find an overview of our recent activities.

Alumni Talks - Kai Liang

Hanlon lab upgrades 2023 | New Server | Nvidia H100 GPU | Stevens institute of technology

  • In our recent conversation with Kai Liang, a Financial Engineering graduate from 2013, he takes us through the valuable lessons learned from the ground up, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork.
  • Having transitioned from electrical engineering to finance, he explains the importance of cultivating strong mathematical and programming skills for those who are also looking to pursue a Finance degree from an unrelated background.
  • Kai reflects on his experience so far and attributes his success to the esteemed faculty at school and its strategic location.
  • Now, a decade into his journey as an Equity Derivatives Trader, Kai highlights the importance of continuous learning in navigating the dynamic landscape of the finance industry and achieving sustained success.
  • Click on the above video to view the complete interview.

Finance Program Industry Panel

  • The event featured an industry panel with Finance Program alumni, held on October 18, 2023, at Babbio Center, was co-sponsored by the Corporate Outreach and Professional Advancement Team (COPA).
  • The panel included distinguished alumni Shikhar Parikh, a Senior Analyst at American Express; Krishna Sheth, a Consultant at Synpulse; Sergi Ibarz Garcia, an eFX Trader at Standard Chartered Bank; and Dan Wang, Vice President and Data Science Lead at JPMorgan Asset Management.
  • It was an opportunity for attendees to learn how the alumni have utilized their Stevens degrees to excel in their respective careers and to gain insights into the career-planning process.

Finance Week @Stevens Summer 2023

  • Under Professor Stefano Bonini's supervision, "Finance Week @Stevens" completed its fifth successful year, featuring insightful Bloomberg Terminal lectures by Professor Dragos Bozdog and valuable visits to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Bloomberg Headquarters, leveraging Stevens' proximity to New York City.
  • As mentioned in the last newsletter, here is the article that talks about it in depth.

Department Seminar Series

  • The School of Business has been hosting seminars from distinguished individuals, one of which can be seen in the steal above as the speaker Professor Nathan Lassance enlightens attendees on the topic "The distributions of out-of-sample returns of estimated optimal portfolios".
  • The seminar series spans diverse subjects such as Dynamics of FinTech Terms in News and Blogs and Specialization of Companies of the FinTech Industry, Relative Entropy-Regularized Robust Optimal Order Execution, and more.
  • Visit our website for more information about this series. For updates about upcoming seminars, follow Professor Dan Pirjol and Professor Zachary Feinstein.

Stevens Alumni and Student Networking Event

  • On December 15, 2023, Stevens hosted a memorable gathering for all QF/FE/FA/Fin alumni.
  • This event was a wonderful opportunity for alumni to reconnect, network and share their experiences since graduation.
  • The event bridged the gap between the alumni and current students, offering a unique insight into ongoing academic pursuits and fostering a strong community spirit.
  • You can join the FE/FA/Fin Alumni Group on LinkedIn and view more information about HFSC Alumni here.

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