Project Introduction

As one of the most important social networking service today, Twitter has more than 500 million users (As of May 2015) posting their issues on it. Quite a part of them are weathervanes from all kinds of areas, while another part of them are the ordinary people.

Twitter database is like a coal mine. There is a digitized, verbalized world inside. By tracking the twitter database, we are able to tell different stories. How different users related to each other? How a piece of news or an important person influence the whole world? How do people feel about a person or a new policy?

There are unlimited possibilities within the database. And our mission is to dig the possibilities within these data and tell meaningful stories.

Work Process

Brief Introduction

Using given twitter database, which consists of 3 tables (Twitter Messages, User Profile and User Statistics) to analyze users' behaviors, including their locations, occupations, interests, opinions, and their relations to each other, individually or globally.

Team Members

Danyue Gu

Raju Chiranjeevi

Jian Yang