The Need

Two factors make the provision of health services different from other services. First, many providers are organized as not-for-profit corporations as opposed to investor owned. Second, payment for services typically is made by third parties rather than by patients, who receive the services.

Work and Challenges

  • Started from scratch.
  • Came up with our idea of what data to get, how to get the data, maintain it and visualize it
  • Decided to get daily prices, market capitalization, volumes and daily news sentiments for better estimates how the stocks behaviors
  • Added the major health reforms in the database for future reference
  • Developed a trading strategy based upon the data collected
  • Had to construct the insurance index

Potential Work

  • Research on how to maintain the database by feeding the data automatically from Bloomberg terminal.
  • Include Volume or correlation between Volume and News sentiment as an additional trading strategy
  • Expand the database to other sectors and implement similar strategies.

Team Members