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Current mathematical models used in practice in the financial industry are not robust enough to capture the complex dynamic of the financial derivative markets and thus may not provide proper hedge against uncertain events; In addition, using models that are suitable to the dynamics of real data, the solutions derived from these models are often not simple, and most of the time an analytical solution does not exist. In order to apply these models in practice, designing computationally efficient algorithms to keep up with the flow of the real data is important. Our research investigates methods of using these models and calculating derivative prices efficiently. The derivatives studied include various volatility instruments, such as cliquet options, VIX options and variance swaps.

Research Topics:

Propose a lattice – tree like methodology, a quadrinomial tree structure, to approximate general stochastic volatility models

  • Estimate coefficients using real data to enable the tree structure to approximate stochastic volatility models with correlated Brownian motions
  • Price volatility derivatives with the quadrinomial tree, including variance swaps and cliquet options
  • Construct a jump diffusion model with jump sizes given by of a log mix normal distribution and price European type options on SP500 using a novel analytical formula
  • Add jumps to tree structures to price path-dependent options using a jump diffusion with stochastic volatility model
  • Compare the jump diffusion model with the state of the art models used in practice such as Merton’s log-normal jump diffusion model, Kou’s double-exponential jump diffusion model and regime switching models, and many more.


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Point of Contacts:

Dr. Ionut Florescu, Research Associate Professor in Financial Engineering and Director Hanlon Financial Systems Laboratories, ifloresc@stevens.edu