S&P Global Ratings' globally respected credit ratings paired with unparalleled thought leadership helps promote universal benchmarking, transparency and business growth. S&P Global Ratings empowers people to make informed, confident decisions.

S&P Global Ratings has collected over 135 billion data points and 150+ years experience, and with over 1,500 credit analysts in 128 countries, it boasts a very prominent reputation in the world of finance.

If you are not familiar with credit ratings, the "Understanding Credit Ratings" and "Intro to Credit Ratings" pages on the site may be helpful.

S&P Global Ratings allows you to view the latest sector/industry research, credit markets research, and economic research. For each research area, you can view the latest articles about recent news and downloadable datasets.

Please note that in order to access some of the articles, you will need to register for a S&P Global Ratings account.

You can also filter research and insights by theme—you will find even more articles about research and datasets in the "Year 2022: A World Redefined,"  "Global Credit Conditions," "Research Spotlight," "Resurfacing Credit Headwinds," and "Emerging Markets" pages.

You also can filter information on the S&P Global Ratings site by sector (e.g. corporates, ESG, and financial institutions).

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