FIN 500 Financial and Managerial Accounting

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This course will provide the student with the principles and techniques of financial and managerial accounting for technical organizations. The emphasis will be on the use of financial data for decision making. The basics of accounting will briefly be covered, with the major amount of time spent on ways to understand, analyze and use the data for decision making. Budgeting and analysis of performance, as well as, recognizing fixed and variable expenses are other key areas of financial management. Issues of valuation, time value of money, uncertainty and risk will be integrated in the material. The one-term course will make extensive use of the text by Weygandt et al (see below), supplemented by cases, exercises, homework and examinations. Emphasis will be on real-world, practical application of the tools of finance to management decision making.

Campus Fall Spring Summer
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James B. Biagi, JD, CPA Babbio 424

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Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  1. Critically analyze financial statements, with a full appreciation of the inherent limitations of reported financial information.
  2. Utilize ratio and trend analyses to evaluate the condition and performance of business entities.
  3. Apply the concepts of present value analysis to valuing assets and making appropriate business decisions.
  4. Create realistic departmental/corporate budgets.
  5. Obtain and utilize financial data to make effective business decisions, including make/buy, capital investment, product introduction timing, etc.
  6. Utilize cost accounting data to support operating decisions and cost reduction efforts.

Course Resources


  • Survey of Accounting by Kimmel and Weygandt (First Edition) Text with WileyPLUS (required) bundle. Two options include binder ready version (loose leaf print) with WileyPLUS (ISBN 9781119502388) or WileyPLUS access including the eBook (ISBN 9781119502364).

Lecture Outline

Topic Readings Assignments
Week 1 Chapter 1: Introduction
Week 2 Chapters 2 & 3: Financial Statements and Accounting Information Systems Online Homework in WileyPLUS (HW) 1
Week 3 Chapter 4: Accrual Accounting HW 2
Week 4 Exam 1 Chapters 1 to 4
Week 5 Chapter 5: Fraud and Internal Controls HW 3
Week 6 Chapter 6: Receivable and Inventory HW 4
Week 7 Chapter 7: Long-Lived Assets HW 6
Week 8 Chapters 5 to 8
Week 9 Exam 2 HW 7
Week 10 Chapter 9: Financial Statement Analysis HW 8
Week 11 Chapter 10 and 11: Managerial Accounting and Break-Even
Week 12 Chapters 13 and 14: Budgeting HW 9
Week 13 Chapter 16: Making Capital Investments HW 10
Week 14 Exam 3 Chapters 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, &16