Seminars in Management and Marketing

Seminars in Management and Marketing (Fall 2022) are every other Friday at 11:00 on Zoom ( )

Date Faculty Responsible: Title
Sept. 16 Josep A Tribo. Title: “CEO Debt-Based Compensation and Stakeholder Incentive Alignment: The Relationships between CEO Inside Debt, CSR, and Firm Performance”
Sept. 30 Thomas Lechler: TBD
Oct. 14 Jingyun Huang (Marketing): TBD
Oct. 28 Peter Koen: TBD
Nov. 11 Howie Xu. Title: “Do those being served become servants or exploiters? The self-expansion and self-enhancement perspectives and the moderating role of attribution for understanding the double-edged sword effect of servant leadership.”
Dec. 2 Sibel Ozgen. Title: Working with intelligent autonomous systems.