Seminars in Management and Marketing


Date Speaker Title
02/09/2024 Jinwoo Kim Person-Organization Asymmetry in Judgment of Moral Behavior
02/23/2024 Luna Liu Enter New Territory at the Last Minute? Performance Feedback, Deadline Proximity, and Venture Capital Investment Behavior
03/01/2024 Mike Barnett (Rutgers University) Why Aren’t We Sustainable Yet? Understanding the Greening Process and its Roadblocks
03/08/2024 Ovul Sezer (Cornell University) Impression Mis(Management)
03/22/2024 Dr Eric Schaap (Maastricht University) Why should we hire you? Studying start-up’s recruitment and performance outcomes
04/19/2024 Katia Meggiorin (Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Stevens) Platforms and regulations: The positive effects of self-regulation on performance.

FALL 2023

Date Speaker Title
10/06/2023 Martin Osei & Josep A Tribo The Impact of Corporate Environmental Responsibility on Corporate Financial Performance: The Moderating Role of R&D in Financial Distress
11/10/2023 Sohyun Park The Problem of Fragmentation and the Paradox of Network Intervention: Evidence from Policy Change in Health Care Delivery
12/08/2023 Peter Dominick, Martin Osei, Howie Xu and Wei Zheng Measuring Inclusive Leadership Behaviors (an early-stage project)

FALL 2022

Seminars in Management and Marketing (Fall 2022) are every other Friday at 11:00 on Zoom ( )

Date Faculty Responsible Title
Sept. 16 Josep A Tribo. CEO Debt-Based Compensation and Stakeholder Incentive Alignment: The Relationships between CEO Inside Debt, CSR, and Firm Performance
Sept. 30 Thomas Lechle TBD
Oct. 14 Jingyun Huang (Marketing) TBD
Oct. 28 Peter Koen: TBD
Nov. 11 Howie Xu Do those being served become servants or exploiters? The self-expansion and self-enhancement perspectives and the moderating role of attribution for understanding the double-edged sword effect of servant leadership.
Dec. 2 Sibel Ozgen. Working with intelligent autonomous systems.