MGT 809 Industry Capstone Experience

Course Catalog Description


In this course students work on an industry or research project that requires the application of skills acquired in their core courses. The project is conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor and an industry mentor. In addition to the project-specific deliverables, students will produce a statement of work, project plan, weekly project updates, as well as a final presentation to management and project report. This is a one-credit course that may be repeated up to a total of three credits.

MGT 808 – Fundamentals of Consulting

Course Objectives

This course trains graduate students in the application of tools and methods used in by management consultants to provide advisory services to their clients. By working on an industry or research project students will scope and plan the underlying project, develop a statement of work, design status update presentations, and management briefs. Students will learn how to facilitate meetings with different groups of stakeholders over the course of the project, manage client expectations, and apply their disciplinary knowledge.

Campus Fall Spring Summer
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Associate Professor Email Office
Michael zur Muehlen Babbio Center Room: 426

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Course Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Understand how their classroom knowledge and skills apply in a real-world project
  • Apply tools and techniques acquired in their core courses to a real-world project
  • facilitate meetings and gather input from clients
  • Create a statement of work based on a project brief
  • Create status update presentations and management briefs
  • Effectively communicate to a range of stakeholders

Course Resources

Textbook or References

  • Project-dependent


Grading Policies

1 HW 50%
2 Class work 20%
3 Project report 30%


Weeks Topics Readings Homework
Week 1 Project Brief and Background
Week 2 Meeting with Sponsor Draft Engagement Plan
Week 3 Statement of Work Sign-Off Statement of Work
Week 4 Project Kick-Off Project Brief (PPT)
Week 5 Project Work Weekly Status Update
Week 6 Project Work Weekly Status Update
Week 7 Project Work Weekly Status Update
Week 8 Project Work Mid-way Update to Management
Week 9 Project Work Weekly Status Update
Week 10 Project Work Weekly Status Update
Week 11 Project Work Weekly Status Update
Week 12 Project Wrap-Up Letter to Management
Week 13 Development of Final Report
Week 14 Project Summit Presentation of Results
Week 15 Project Report