FIN 530 Investment Banking

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The course provides an overview of Investment Banking both from a transactional and regulatory perspective. Students will explore the structure of global markets, players, risks, motives and opportunities that make transactions happen and study lessons learned from remarkably successful stories and spectacular failures. The instructor will provide various case studies to help students understand market dynamics, transaction complexities, governance and approvals, deal sourcing - origination, due diligence, pricing, distribution as well as regulatory compliance and supervision of investment banks.

Campus Fall Spring Summer
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Vasileios Katsikiotis

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Course Outcomes

  1. Provide students with a broad understanding of investment banking, a truly global business.
  2. Expose students to key financial products and services offered by investment banks and other financial services intermediaries including corporate finance, capital markets and advisory, securities sales and trading, asset-liability and portfolio management, wealth management and private banking, treasury operations and funding.

Course Resources


  • Investment Banking Explained – An Insider’s Guide to the Industry

    Michel Fleuriet, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Second Edition – Finance & Investing ISBN:  9781260135640

  • VALUATION - Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies

    Sixth Edition - University Edition Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart, David Wessels, McKinsey & Company

  • (Optional) Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions

    Joshua Rosenbaum, Joshua Pearl , John Wiley & Sons, Inc ISBN: 978-1-118-47220-0

  • (Optional) Distressed Debt Analysis - Strategies for Speculative Investors

    Stephen G. Moyer, J.Ross Publishing ISBN: 1-932159-18-5

Lecture Outline

Topic Readings Assignments
Week 1 History of Investment Banking Chapters 1-3 (IBE)
Week 2 Labor Day - No Class
Week 3 Relationship Management, Local vs. Global Foundations of Value Chapters 4-6 (IBE) Part One (V)
Week 4 Trading & Capital Markets Chapters 7-8 (IBE)
Week 5 Bank Structure, Regulatory Capital CCAR
Week 6 Core Valuation Techniques, Financial Statements, Decomposition of RoE, Equity Research & Equity Offerings, Equity IPOs Part Two (V), Chapters 9-11 (IBE)
Week 7 Review MIDTERM EXAM, Risk Weighted Assets, Regulatory vs Market Implied Risk Assessment
Week 8 Midterm Exam Open-Book
Week 9 Advanced Valuation Techniques, Secondary Offerings, Bond Mathematics Part Three (V)
Week 10 Manage Value Recapitalizations, LBOs, Private Equity Part Four (V), Chapter 12-13 (IBE)
Week 11 M&A Part Five (V)
Week 12 Special Situations, Team Presentations Chapter 18 (IBE), Part Five (V)
Week 13 Team Presentations
Week 14 Team Presentations