Hanlon Financial Systems Labs provide hardware, software and support for the study and research of Stevens School of Business members, espcially in the field of financial engineering and analytics. The cost of setting up and running experiments using nowadays computational methods is usually a major obstacle for everyone. As a member of Stevens, simply submit a request through our online form here or contact us direcly at fscadmin@stevens.edu. We will be happy to work with you to set up the machines within our capacity and most importanly for free for you.

Here are the specifications of some of our systems.

Hanlon 1 Workstations
30 * 16 CPU Cores
30 * 64 GB CPU Memory
30 * nVidia RTX3070

GPU Computing Cluster
224 CPU Cores
448 GB of CPU Memory
10 nVidia Tesla K20

VMware Hosts in Babbio Center
3 * 48 CPU Cores
3 * 1TB CPU Memory

VMware Hosts in Data Center
3 * 32 CPU Cores
3 * 128 GB CPU Memory

Database Blade Servers
80 CPU cores
256 GB CPU Memory
48 TB Hard Drive Storage

Storage Servers
128 TB of Hard Drive Storage