In the dynamic world of financial engineering, the journey from academic pursuits to professional excellence is paved with challenges, learning, and growth. Oluwadanilola (Dami) Seweje, an esteemed alumna of the Stevens Institute of Technology (MSc FE, 2021 graduate),  graciously shared her experiences and insights from her time at the Hanlon Financial Systems Center (HFSC), her academic research, and her visions for the future.

Below is the interview with Dami, offering valuable information to current and prospective students interested in a career in the financial domain.

Question: Could you provide insights into your work experience at HFSL?
Answer: I worked as a student lab assistant during a masters program at Stevens. Mainly I helped students and faculty source big data needed for research using the lab resource.

Question: What strategies can be employed to leverage HFSL's resources for job searching?
Answer: Due to the resources available at the lab, for example, Bloomberg terminal, which is industry standard, showing employers that you are familiar with these and have experience using them would be one way to leverage HFSL’s resources.

Question: From your tenure at HFSL, what significant lessons have you learned?Answer:  That whatever Financial information you need is out there, you just need to have the right tools like the HFSL to access them.

Question: What guidance would you offer to individuals aspiring to pursue graduate studies in the field of Finance?
Answer: Make sure you’re passionate about pursuing a graduate degree because when it gets hard it’ll be your passion that gets you through.

Question: In what ways has your FE engineering education at Stevens influenced your career and other pursuits?
Answer: It helped get me the technical skills I need to solve problems at my current role .

Question: Could you share an overview of your academic research project?
Answer: My research project was about seeing which portfolio beta was most profitable for investors during different financial periods .

Question: How do you apply the knowledge and skills acquired during your academic journey in your professional life?
Answer: Using the skills I learned in order to solve the problems that arise in my profession, I have learned to ask the right questions and perform the necessary research to find an answer to the questions.

Question:  Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and plans for your career trajectory?
Answer: I would like to pursue a PhD, and maybe continue my research on the portfolio beta that was most profitable during the pandemic when everything was shut down.

Dami's journey from Stevens Institute to the financial industry showcases the power of practical education and the strategic use of resources. Her insights remind us that with the right tools and determination, the vast landscape of financial information is within our reach, ready to be harnessed for innovative solutions and career advancement.

Dami's story serves as inspiration and a roadmap for students aiming to carve out their own success in the financial domain. It illustrates how a Finance degree from Stevens Institute of Technology can be a pivotal step toward achieving their aspirations.