Refinitiv Real-time News is the only structured textual news service for programmatic use that is powered by Reuters News. Reuters is the largest international news agency with more journalists in more countries than anyone else. Reuters has a long history of market-moving beats and exclusives related to macroeconomics, M&A activity, CEO changes or corporate wrongdoing.

Hanlon lab provides students with access to Refinitiv MRN data which can be used for research and for class projects. You can submit a request in the link below.

More about the data

The data is provided in the following formats:
1: JSON format: This is the original format provided by Refinitiv.
2: PostgreSQL Database: This is the database server managed by the Hanlon Lab data team. You can connect to this database server from you own computer or you can request a computing server which has faster network connection with the database server.

The database provides you with the heading, body and meta information about the news whose dates ranges from 1996 - present. You can also filter the news based on provider and company.

User Guide from Refinitive

For more details of the data, please contact us at