Use SAS in Hanlon Lab

Workstations in the Hanlon Labs have SAS installed. If you need to request remote access to these workstations, please use the Request Resources form.

How to Access SAS through Stevens AppSpace

SAS has been installed on the Statistics desktop in Stevens AppSpace, powered by Apporto. You must enter your Stevens username and password. It can be accessed directly or through a Canvas course, if configured by your instructor. If you need to save files in AppSpace, then please connect to your Stevens OneDrive available at Log in with your Stevens email address and password.

For more information:

How to log into Stevens AppSpace

How to connect your Stevens OneDrive to Stevens AppSpace

How to get technical support for Stevens AppSpace

How to Install SAS and Renew SAS License on a Local Computer

If you would like to install and license SAS on your local computer, download the installation DVD files and the license file from here. You will need to login with your Stevens email to access the shared files. The DVD package is 22 GB and it takes about 15 minutes to download using an average 30 MB/s network.

If you need help, please email